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Four Deckible Actions - 400+ Creators. Don't Miss Out.

Deckible update. Call to action for all creators to complete their profiles, share the survey and listen/watch to podcast and webinar updates. Busy week.

Not a full update today.

We flew past 400+ creator signups this week.

Four noteworthy calls to action for you, the Deckible Creators.

1.   Profile

We now have 64 completed profiles on the community page.


Are you missing out? Please take action today.

To get listed, you need:

  • a bio
  • a photo
  • social links
  • an approved deck

170 unique creators who have loaded complete decks. So there are still many profiles to be created. Go here when logged-in.


It's easier for new users to create their profile when they join.

2.  Card Deck Multi-Segment Survey

Please complete this survey and share it with your audience on the socials and your blog.  It's embeddable.


Card-Deck Community Survey
Participate in the annual global card deck survey and learn more about the industry - who are the card creators and their challenges? The readers, professional and card-deck-collectors
  • Card Deck Creators
  • Tarot Readers
  • Folks who use Card-Decks in the Workplace
  • Card Deck Collectors

This is the time for you to take action. If you want your deck to succeed on Deckible people, take this survey and pay it forward.


The results will help us earn coverage in Techcrunch, Fast Company, Cosmopolitan, Forbes and beyond.

We have  hired a PR company and are in play. More on that soon.

If any of you have close media connections now it the time to step forward and connect us. So many stories to tell.

We are offering a free deck to anyone that completes any or all of these surveys, and we will be analyzing and sharing the results. More on free deck ideas soon.

Completing the survey gives you the option to auto-create a Deckible account.

This survey is a valuable piece of work for us to benchmark the state of the Card Deck Industry in 2022. This will be an annual event.

3.  Vervante Webinar

In case you don't know Vervante are a full-service print company based in the USA. they have a mailing list of 10,000 including 2,000 deck creators. They offer a lot of journal printing options too.

We ran a Webinar last week in partnership with Vervante. Cindy is a big Deckible fan. We already have a number of common customers, e.g. Patty Lennon. Tell me if you are with Vervante. I'd love to pull together a full common customer list.

There was a lot of interest amongst Vervante customers for good reason. A lot of questions on this Webinar. And a lot of signups. Amazing attendance and my calendar has been full all week, there's some very latest product updates in the video.


Please share/embed etc.

4.   Podcast - Seeking Tarot - The Future of Tarot

I ended  up on this podcast following sharing the Deckible logo on Twitter.

Snow and I had a great conversation. He's a huge fan and I'll loop back with him for another episode once we launch.  "The future of Tarot" were his words.

Please listen. Please share.

His backpack story and his affirmator / therapist story are priceless. I shall be telling them many times more.