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U18: Good news / Bad News

U18: Good news / Bad News
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Today we learned that if you have installed the app via Testflight that you can't complete purchase correctly. You won't be charged.

To fix this and be able to buy decks for real, you need to delete the app, then reinstall it from the App Store.

You won't lose any real purchases.

This was interesting to discover. We though there was a bug in our code, but I think it turned out to be a RTFM issues. Read the Manual!

So today we end of lifed the version of the Testflight app you were using.

So please reinstall from the app store.


I messed up somewhere along the line. Sample = true was meant to be the default.

Sample cards are any cards you wish to show up on the deck info page. You can set sample to false or no ro exclude them. Its random, but you can exclude a selection of cards you don't want made public.

Turns out the code was setting "sample" to null. Neither yes nor no. And as a result no cards were being sampled. Doh!. Sorry about that.

Now this only applies to the last 50% of the cards, as cards prior to this feature being added were set to true.

I could not figure out why the right number of cards  were not showing up Deck Info page. A total of 10 cards are shown, less the total of unique spreads and and box images.

Truth be told. I noticed it but didn't get time to go looking.

Today I was fixing something else and I realized the problems was that the sample flag as broken

So now I've fixed sample. And fixed Deck Info.

So you may need to delete and reinstall.

There may need to be more work on my-behalf.


Lots of questions on this

We will work on payments in due course. Fear not you will be paid.

For now the greater urgent priority is to support new users.


Inner Guru Wisdom Cards Wisdom cards for Yoga Teachers Barbara Courtille
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The 2nd deck of the 42 is as follows

I love the artwork, so bold and fresh. Great box too.

Today's the day. Get it now for $4.99


Here's the second card drawn from the Launch Card Deck


My daughter mentioned this phrase in her wedding vows. Something along the lines of she'd never stop loving Matthew despite him leaving the toilet seat up.

Well in Deckible the toilet seat is left "up" when one of you images is missing.

If you update your deck and your deck is published, please check your checklist.

And make sure you leave the deck as you found it.

We need to get a lot more stringent here. More checks, more prevention to stop innocent breaking of decks.

And if any red flags are raised in the checklist, your decks will be sent to "Pending Corrections"

We need to do this to protect the customer experience.

Dynamic and evolving content like Deckible  is a new concept. We are iterating to make this a reality and the is flushing out new feature requests almost daily.