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More Progress / More Features : Today: Namaste, I see you Oracle

More Progress / More Features : Today: Namaste, I see you Oracle

It's almost been 10 days  since launching and things have been busy

So many updates already

Working on some new things -


There has been some issue with newly bought decks not appearing in the timeline as downloadable and not appearing in your list of decks

The purchases were not lost and the workaround was to delete and reload the app.

We expect an update in the next day or so to fix this.

You will also be able to see your published decks in marketplace. I believe this is already fixed in the latest public version.


This is new and not fully released. Let me know if you want to test it.

I think we will also have "Featured Decks" embed.

Anyone can embed any deck on any website. It's like a portable Deck-Info page. And you can click to buy.

This is cool. I love embeds. Listly's growth was driven by embeds and we don't see Deckible being any different.  

This is how the embed looks. Place it in post or a sidebar.


The current listing information is not on par with the Deck Info page in the app. And this is a source of friction.

You can find all this information inside the app, but you need to have a login to explore that.

This is going to change in the next day or so.

Each deck will look like the above and well show upto 10 images. So people can explore the deck.


Please check the checklists for you app.

I have found errors on published decks. Some of these errors are just a function of your deck being loaded and approved prior to the checklist being so userful and extensive as it is now.

Have you tried your deck in the app?

Have you explored other decks?

Are your jounraling with the app daily?

Are you using it for card-draws, quick draws and spreads?

What's your experience? We want to know.

We are all here to learn and learning from each other is probably the most effective thing we can do


This is an evolving topic, but for now we have added the deck of the day featured decks to be listed at the top of the marketplace.

We will soon be adding top selling, most used, most journalled etc etc


Please note that to play a video you must have a youtube public or unlisted video

Don't use the youtube URL. Just use the Id

Don't use this :

Just use the "ID", in this case the ID is pxGCN1vTXPE

Here's an examples of how your deck is setup in deckible

Please use the Video URL to paste in the ID

We do not support Vimeo or any other video service at this time.


I've been getting better as this, but I've been delayed on releasing this several time.  I've also not released the news ahead of time, which I know many of you have requested.

I feel strongly that I can only do what I can do. And what is meant to be, will be. Also also believe in manifesting and I take actions to fulfill my dreams.

Not releasing a schedule was, in-part, intentional. I wanted to be able to respond based on how things went. And I have.

I'm also now clearer on what it take to run Deck of the Day. Some have gone better than others. So I'm learning and iterating on the process.

Partly, I've just overwhelmed with work. I need a marketing intern.  There's a direct ask to the universe.  They need to be into card decks and tech savvy, a hard worker and wanting to learn.

Also I've done a lot to automate the process of Deck of the Day. Much is this will be available to you shortly too.

I've placed "automation" and "reworking" process as a higher priority that just running deck of the day.  

I know things will sell better when friction is removed and UX reworked to match the app.

We are still in the early days, but I'm super happy. Things are rocking along very nicely.

Anyhow. If/when I release a Deck of the day "late" in the day, I've have let it run for an extra day of so, to give people time to respond.

Social media also has a lag effect.

Today's deck is

Namaste, I see you Oracle


I find this deck so immersive. It's rich, deep & alluring.

Annie is great and has been a big supporter of Deckible. I love that we have decks from all around the world. And there's a lot of activity in Australia, where Annie is based.  She currently has two decks on Deckible

Check out the deck for today launch promotion price of $4.99

Here's some images and Annie's special OG meme card.