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Imagine Starting From Here. Imagine Your Leadership Story.

Imagine Starting From Here. Imagine Your Leadership Story.

I research and study a lot of startups because I'm curious and it's a wonderful way to learn.

How did Cranium get off the ground?

What made Trivial Pursuit a household name?

How did AirBnb get going?

What was the thing that helped Uber or Pinterest catch fire?

When you look back they all look so simple.

They are often perceived as overnight successes, but the truth is often far from that rose-tinted memory. History and time remove the kinks and shorten taglines.

Imagine if everyone on Deckible only heard of Deckible today. Current product, current experience. How different would things be?

Imagine your experience if that has been the case.

Many of you have seen Deckible come a long way, but there is so much further to go.

I spoke with Chris Wolfgang-Smith, Esther Sanchez's partner yesterday.

We reflected about how much Deckible had matured from February to now.

For many today is the starting point.

Imagine 6 months from now. How will this  wave of people will experience Deckible. First impression matter.

I have to think this way, or I'd never be happy. I have to know and accept imperfection is Ok. I have to think about our future story.

We can't satisfy everyone today.

We can satisfy more people in 6 months time. And 12. And so on.

Rinse and repeat.

Your story is ever evolving.

You are forever enabling your future self, by what you do today.

You can't reframe things for people who have already joined. Reframing is a wonderful tool.

You can re-frame anything including future perceptions.

And that's my job, to shape Deckible's  perception in minds of future creators and consumers.

I talk to many of you often. I exchange with more of you via email

Storytelling, fact-gathering and vision-making. That's how we shape the future.

So it's kind of apt that today's deck is Storytelling Leadership Deck by David Hutchens


I'd owned his deck for a long time. I believe in buying decks and experiencing them first hand. It also sends signals to the universe.

I waited until I believed the perception of Deckible's reality would land well with a guy who coaches people on leadership storytelling.

And it did.

We booked a call. 20 second in he said I'm sold. He'd read the website. Watched some videos. So we had a great call. And within a week his deck was loaded.

Every deck on Deckible has a story. Each one is unique.

  • why the deck came into existence
  • what the creator hopes to achieve
  • how deckible can help
  • how they found deckible or how we found them

All these threads weave together to create the fabric of our connections.

There are the founding stories of our community.

Every person who buys into Deckible or the Leadership Story Deck or any other deck or or product or service has a story. We wrap and weave a story around everything.

The question is "Are we doing it right?".

Is our story the best it can be? Are we listening. Are we evolving our story?

Do it right and have a good product and you win.

Do it wrong and you simply get to try again. Tell a different story and maybe you win tomorrow.

Here's some more images from David's deck.

I love that it has both portrait and landscape cards.

And today it is $4.99