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444 333 1111 Big Numbers Big Update + Deck of the Day No 9!

444 333 1111 Big Numbers Big Update + Deck of the Day No 9!

This is no small milestone with the four  updates listed below.

I could not be happier. As ever it's lots of work. This has also been a lot about listening. These are the things you have been asking for.

This update solves most of the issues and questions that I've been receiving since launch.  I'm sure new ones will now arise.  They always do.

Such is the way. This is what's meant to be. But first today's deck.

Oracle Numbers by Essense Divine, based out of Toronto. We have a lot of Canadian creators on Deckible, which make me happy. And lots of Brits too, but this truly a global project. It's alway 4.44. somewhere in world, well almost.

I met Sabrina and Shalom after we touched base on Etsy.

I did want to push this post out at 4.44 am but the day got away with me.

Big release have a way of sucking up time.


Cool deck. And you can't go wrong with Angel Numbers. You see them all day long.

Perhaps we dont all call them Angel numbers, we we notice life's coincidences


It's simple, fun and fresh. Today's price - just $4.99. A great compliment to your journaling practices


So let's look at the four big updates, but first the questions that spawned these changes. We are listening, you guys are metaphorically driving the bus.

How do you find out about a deck before purchasing without installing the app?

The answer is offer the Deck Info page from the app, but on Deckible.com

So that's what we did. And it even plays video.


Click on any of the page tabs and it opens up the deck info page on that tab.

Simple, fun & useful.

What Metrics are you Tracking in the App

This is a very big question, one that spawns more questions and often leads to a strategy debate.

I've been pondering the following:

  • Top Selling Decks
  • Decks Purchased  by User: A Leaderboard (who's bought most decks)
  • Most Journalled Deck.  
  • Longest streak (someone using Deckible daily for card draws , journaling and meditation)
  • Top Rated Decks (based on Reviews)
  • Most Shares
  • Most Users Invited
  • Most inbound SEO per deck (and inbound links)

Reviews was the big one we could not answer until today.

So now we can let you post a review on any deck you purchased. And only purchasers can review a deck.

We mirrored Audible for the review format. See below for more.

You review rating are show on your deck purchases page

100 decks in your pocket - Deckible
Deckible is Audible for Decks. All the decks you love on your phone. Experience cards, perform readings, set intentions & journal. Always in your pocket.


This is ongoing. We have lots of stuff in the works on this.

The task of running deck of the day has driven a lot of automation, which we will share with you soon.


There is what's called a deep link, but you need to have the app installed.

We are actively thinking about letting people access the app without a login (the marketplace at least). So then, can you view as deck before you buy / signup, but this is more work.

For now we enabled this on Deckible.com

This is where people are landing for now.

So to share your deck, share the deck's landing page

Here's an example and that is looks like


This is your deck's landing page on Deckible


These update and new features are thing we have had in the works for a while, some of them are not small things.

Embedding is not simple and doing it right is a challenge.  

I've been working on embed prototypes for a long while.

Today was an opportunity to implement the marketplace update and the deck embed all at the same time. They are the same.

This is all heading towards filling out the vision to be audible for Card Decks.


Here's some screenshots and thoughts on these features;

1.   New Marketplace

2.  Write Reviews on the Decks you Bought

3.  Embeddable Decks

4.  Unified/Simplified Interface between Creators and Consumers

New Marketplace

The marketplace now integrates featured decks like deck of the day.

Sometimes the app takes the lead and deckible catches up. sometimes Deckible.com leads and the app catches up.

You can now access the cart and marketplace as a guest, which just makes it easeir for new arrivals to get on board with deckible.

You can add one or more decks to your cart, so it's quicker and simpler to buy multiple decks. In time we will implement bundling, so you can buy deck bundles

New user sign-up and then complete their purchase. Their cart is saved and they are redirected back to the cart. Simple.

You can access the marketplace from your decks' landing page. You can add a deck to the cart from there.

At all times you can see the deck info slider. So you can explore and learn more about each deck.

Write Reviews on the Decks you Bought

It's very simple, but it's what we need to gather data on deck quality and the deck experience.

Embeddable Decks

So here is a deck.

And the embed setup page. Here's where you grab the javascript. Take this and paste it into your blog. Access this from your deck menu.

Here's the preview page. And you can grab the javascript code.

I made a simple text file on my desktop. Like follows

Then open this file in your browser and you get the embed

This is new and likely to need more work, but it's a really solid start. Embed really drive findability and sharing.

We will likely have featured decks embed. And this would update dynamically.

The price of the deck will update based on what's on Deckible.com.

The whole idea of embeds is that they are current. They show the latest information. Much better than screenshots.

Unified/Simplified Interface between Creators and Consumers

Now the marketplace and the deck creator experience are 99% identical



So that's it.

Not much to say when they are meant to be the same.

So enjoy .