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Deckible Interface Refresh

This refresh gives more space for cards, and improved feel when the device is in landscape along with some minor fixes and a new way to control card flips.
Deckible Interface Refresh

Release: 23.2.1

This release has been submitted to Google and Apple and we expect to release it today (May 29th / May 30th) all being well and depending on your timezone.

This refresh that gives more space for cards, more functionality and improved feel when the device is in landscape.

Responsive Design Update

Here's an example of the Deck Info page acting responsively.

Not all screens do this, as it does not always make sense.

Tapping Cards - A New Approach

We used to have menus at the top and the bottom. We moved all of this to be bottom to give more room for the cards.

Before we had a "mode" button to determine what happened when you tapped a card. You could change the mode from "flip" to "info" or vice versa. We heard this was confusing for occasional users.

Now it asks you for your preference and saves it to your profile. You can change it any any time by holding down any card. There is much more explanation of your possible actions.

The secondary option is offered in the footer menu (ie the option you don't choose). And you can change your mind at any time.

Active Card

There is now the notion of the active card.

This is the card that is on top (the last card you touched).

The active card may acquire extra features as we move forward. The secondary action only happens to the active card.

Searching for a Card

The menu options stack as you filter to find a card and drag it into your card sort. Simple and clean.

Switching Decks - Mixed Deck Readings

This has a bold / simple interface to choose from one deck, then another.

Here's we've picked one card from "Return" and we choose to add a card from "Oracle of the 7 Energies". We can choose from any of our decks.

Then we simple flip the cards, choose a card and drag it onto the canvas.

Super simple but incredibly powerful.

Deleting a Card from the Canvas.

We consolidated the open/close and the delete button/bar.

The "+" changes to a delete button the moment any card is being moved.

The footer only goes red when you are directly over the menu bar.

If you release at this point the card is deleted.

It's a very small change, but it just feels simpler and more consistent.

Less Intrusive Onboarding

We added a prompt before each screen is loaded. So you can skip it or turn off the onboarding. You can turn if back on from settings. So it all works nicely.

Responsive Journaling

Smartphone and Tablet.

Bigger fonts. Support for carriage returns. Generally more room to express your feelings. And of course you can choose the "collage" or the "card" view .

It looks like a postcard.

Perfect to share with friends.

Responsive Spreads

Here's a spread selection in landscape or portrait.

It makes sense to choose your cards in portrait, so the screen rotates accordingly.

Re-Downloading Decks

This has been an issue of sorts over the duration of building Deckible.

We've got better at this process. On occasions we need to update our internal structures and this always required you to download your decks.

As of this release I believe we have split the repository into two parts. One for your Decks and one for rest of the information. So now our model can be updated without needing to redownload your decks.

Hopefully we are there now. And given we have been putting out a fair few updates, I can see how this was annoying.

Thanks for you patience. Let us know if this is not your experience.

Screenshot Blocking

We added this in the prior release to help creatives who have valid fears of people stealing their art. This happens a lot depending on the creators traction.

We turned this on by default for all decks. On reflection that was an over-action. In the next release we will make the default be off and any creator can choose to turn it on.

In many cases it impedes the creator's ability to share content. And their customers too. And it also make it harder for us to support people and to share screenshots.

We wholly support the feature, but it is entirely a creator/deck specific issue.

We believe we are unique in offering this.

Audio Tracks & Meditation Broken on Android

There was a bug here due to a component change.

Audio tracks are now playing on audio cards on Android again.

Also the meditation gong is working again.

We hope you like it. That's it!.

We know from metrics people are using Deckible every day for drawing cards and journaling. We are moving things in the right direction.

So we are curious to hear if you are not, what's stopping you?

What are you hoping for? Speak up. Your feedback is welcome.

Next Step : Trials

We are finalizing the spec on trials and will publish that as a blog post shortly and we plan to run a webinar to gather feedback from consumer on creators on the future direction of Deckible

Watch this space. Please don't be silent. We want to hear you thoughts.

New Decks

Here's some recent additions to the pool of published decks

We have man new authors too. Check out the community page.

Links to these decks.





New Dynamic Focussed Genres

Here's two examples. We can now create more dynamic genres. And we can cluster any number of decks into these genres. These make for great landing pages for this content domain.

Diving Feminine

Divine Feminine Energy Digital Card Decks - Publishing & Mobile Apps
Divine Feminine Energy card decks are used by people who are interested in connecting with the spiritual energy associated with the divine feminine. These decks typically feature a set of cards with images and messages related to different aspects of the feminine energy such as intuition, creativity…

Divine Masculine

Divine Masculine Energy Digital Card Decks - Publishing & Mobile Apps
Masculine energy card decks are a type of oracle or tarot card deck that focus on masculine energy, qualities, and archetypes. These decks typically include a set of cards with images and symbols that represent different aspects of masculine energy, such as strength, courage, leadership, and action.…

These dynamic genres not show up in the app at this point.

Send along your genre suggestions.