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9 Pocket Sized Reasons to Change the World. Enneagram as a Motivator.

9 Pocket Sized Reasons to Change the World. Enneagram as a Motivator.

I'm a 3 on the Enneagram and my coach Ruthie made me aware that I write like a "3". And that made me aware that I'm not talking to 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9.  That felt both weird and inspiring.

Ruthie also pointed out to me that in the 500+ creators on Deckible that there are people from all the 9 Enneagram roles. We all have wings that put us into other categories.

So I wanted to explore what being on Deckible as a creator means to you.

Ruthie helped me with this categorization. Ruthie is available for hire. I highly recommend her. She's helped me a lot with my thinking toward Deckible.

She's highly intuitive and she pushes me into my own discomfort and challenges me to be more present and more aware.

So here's what Deckible might mean to you based on your enneagram profile.

Enneagram #1's

For Enneagram #1's Deckible empowers your deep intuitive sense without doubt or anxiousness. It helps distinguish and confirm what is the right choice to make and how to take action around the right choice, all the while teaching the perfection of imperfection.

For Enneagram #2's

For Enneagram #2's Deckible encourages you to honor your feelings and values and get in touch with what is really arising for YOU, beyond the distractions of others’ needs. Deckible gives you the opportunity to support others teaching them ways to build healthy relationships, community and empathy.

For Enneagram #3's

For Enneagram #3's Deckible offers inspiration to get your ideas and abundant gifts into the world at the scale you dream of, with ease and balance.

For Enneagram #4's

For Enneagram #4's Deckible is an outlet for your unique creative expression and point of view. Design that special deck, contributing meaning and insight to the world.

For Enneagram #5's

For Enneagram #5's Deckible allows you to contribute your knowledge and resources as a thought leader. Invent a deck that draws from your wisdom to help people see the world in a fresh way.

For Enneagram #6's

For Enneagram #6's Deckible invites collaboration and community with like-minded folks. Let your deck foster a sense of safety in a challenged world, create connection, and nurture a sense of belonging.

For Enneagram #7's

For Enneagram #7's Deckible brings about adventurous engagement with other visionaries like yourself. Share your innovative perspective while playing in community. There is always something new on Deckible, and you can be part of that state-of-the-art growth.

For Enneagram #8's

For Enneagram #8's Deckible prompts you to offer action driven teachings that build leadership and growth, being a catalyst to others to become better and more impactful versions of themselves.

For Enneagram #9's

For Enneagram #9's Deckible wants you to make visible the power that is manifested through stillness, connection with self and centered calm. Help others find their voice as you have found yours.

So what's your motivation? How does this speak to you. I'd love to hear.