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Deckible Update - 250+ Creators by launch

Deckible Update - 250+ Creators by launch

Lots of exciting things are happening

I will put up some major update in the next week to 10 days.

If you have a deck or want to create a deck get started now.

Our newsletter is just getting going.

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I love these new creator profiles from our Community Page

Here's a few members of our community. All these wonderful creatives helps people turn their content into decks and games. And they all have decks.

Ayesha Hilton Author & Card Deck Creator, Founder of the Card Deck Creators Toolkit, Mentor
Ayesha Hilton is an author and card deck creator who teaches other creators how to design and publish their own decks. Her course, The Card Deck Creator’s Toolkit is helping hundreds of peopl
Anna Frolik intuitive soul guide, author, mentor, founder of Wonderland Publishing.
Hey there, I’m Anna, intuitive soul guide, author, mentor, and founder of Wonderland Publishing. I’m in love with all things magical, mystical, creative, and nature—which is why I feel ver
Est. 2017 when Affirmation Cards For Kids™ was created and later published. We work with and welcome entrepreneurs, product and service-based business owners. Some clients are from the corpor
Jean Berry Game/Deck Inventor Mentor, Business Game Expert, Strategist and Intuitive Artist
Jean is a business game expert who uses games, decks and accountability to increase your revenue and impact. Coaches and Consultants hire her to create games and card decks that have people l
Rosie Battista Queen of Card Decks
Crowned “Queen of Card Decks” by fellow entrepreneurs for creating & creatively leveraging card decks. I help you uncover your inner gifts and share them with the world in a product that lit
Sarah Le-Fevre Games-based learning professional, games designer, Editor of Ludogogy magazine
I have a focus on playful ways of facilitating learning, allowing learners to experience the accelerated deep learning we all enjoyed befored we forgot that learning is play - and among the m

Gosh do I love Ghost.org - that's the platform were using for our newsletter.