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6 Reasons to Not Print Your Own Oracle / Tarot Card Deck on Demand

Here's six reasons to not print your card deck now: Cost-effectiveness/ Cash flow, Accessibility / Shipping / Packaging, Customization & Iteration, Interactivity & Media, Sustainability & Proof of Concept Validation
6 Reasons to Not Print Your Own Oracle / Tarot Card Deck on Demand
Photo by Arnaud Mesureur / Unsplash

Here's six reasons why you may want to consider going digital first rather than printing your card deck:

  1. Cost-effectiveness/ Cash flow: Printing a card deck can be expensive, especially if you want to print in high quality or in large quantities. Going digital eliminates printing costs and allows you to distribute your deck at a lower cost. Think of the cashflow
  2. Accessibility / Shipping / Packaging: A digital card deck can be accessed and played from anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection. This makes it easier to share your deck with others and for others to use your deck without the need to physically own it.
  3. Customization & Iteration: Digital card decks can be easily updated, edited, and customized. This allows you to make changes to the deck without having to reprint the entire set.
  4. Interactivity & Media: Digital card decks can incorporate multimedia elements, such as video or audio, that enhance the playing experience and engagement with the deck. Also digitally you can have more than 2 sides and the sides of your deck is not determined by print and paper sizes.
  5. Sustainability: By going digital, you are reducing the amount of paper waste that would have been generated if you printed your deck. This makes it a more sustainable option that is better for the environment.
  6. Proof of Concept Validation: You can test you idea digitally. And this can help you validate and hone your idea and then print your deck with more certainty.

Overall, going digital can provide several advantages over printing a card deck, such as cost-effectiveness, accessibility, customization, interactivity, and sustainability.

Deckible is the perfect plafform to let you go digital first. Move forward to print with certainty once you have all your issues ironed out and you have proven customer demand.