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Five Reasons We Collect Tarot, Oracle & Affirmation Card Decks

Collecting Card Decks is a thing. It's even a mild addiction. Those who love decks own 10-20 decks. To deck owners it no surprise. Many own more than this.
Card Deck Collections. Is it an addiction? Or is it art?
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Research shows there is a huge divide.

Those that use cards deck and love them and those who are unaware of the number and types of card decks available todal

Like the muggles and the magicals in Harry Potter.

Collecting Card Decks

Collecting Card Decks is a thing. It's even a mild addiction. Its a hobby and a passion for many. It's also a passionte community.

Those who love decks own 10-20 decks. This is a surprise to those that don't know decks. To deck owners it no surprise. Many people own more than this. In the survey people added 20+, 50+ and 100+ as new options.

We surveyed a group of card deck owners early on in the process of validating the need for Deckible

Why do people own so many tarot decks? People may own multiple tarot decks for several reasons:

Personal Preference

Just like with any other collection, some people may simply enjoy collecting different tarot  / oracle decks that resonate with them personally. They may appreciate the unique artwork, symbolism, or style of each deck.

Different Interpretations

Each tarot / oracle / affirmation deck can have its own unique interpretation of the cards and their meanings. Some people may want to explore different perspectives or approaches to tarot by owning multiple decks.

Professional Use

Professional card deck readers may own multiple decks to offer a variety of options to their clients. Some clients may prefer a specific deck or style, so having multiple options can be helpful in providing a personalized reading.

There are probably 100,000 or a million Card Deck readers globally. Some professional, some are just for fun. It's very hard to quantify.

Different Ways to Use Decks

Some people may use different card decks for different purposes. For example, they may have one deck they use for personal introspection, and another they use for professional readings or group events.

Some decks are for deeper work and for asking deep probing questions.

Some are just seeking novelty or perfection. Searching for the perfect deck for how you feel right now.

Cultural Significance / Finding Your Tribe

Tarot / Oracle decks can also have cultural significance or historical importance. Some collectors may be interested in owning decks that have a unique cultural or historical background.

Ultimately, the reasons why people own multiple tarot decks can vary widely and are often a reflection of their individual interests and preferences.

Decks are just such a personal thing. What they bring is subject to so much interpretation, but what's cool is they bring you to the table. They get to you enage ans to begin to ask deep probing questions.