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Card Deck Creators & The Digital Deck Opportunity

Are you are letting attention go to books, emails, SMS, movies, videos, photos and audio platforms. The 4+ hours a day on phones is spent on media other than cards decks.
Card Deck Creators & The Digital Deck Opportunity
Photo by Riccardo Annandale / Unsplash

Mobile usage is very real. Your digital offering is very important. Are you ignoring this opportunity? What will you miss? Is there a benefit to being an early adopter?

We spend 4-6 hours per day on our mobile phones. that's fact. You may hate it but it's a fact. It may not be you, but it's the majority.

If your decks are not digital, you are missing out on a huge part of your customer's waking day. That's a huge loss. A missed opportunity.

You are letting attention go to books, emails, SMS, movies, videos, photos and audio platforms.

Card decks are a wonderful way to reclaim control of your mindfulness  

  • select cards
  • reflect & journal
  • meditate

And we can reclaim our attention while mobile using mindful apps like Deckible.

Are you offering a digital option to your clients with your decks?  Sure we are used to decks being physical, but we were used to albums, vinyl, and CDs. And the majority use digital music platforms like Spotify.

If you are not digital yet why not?

We are all early adopters at some things and late adopters of other things:

  • Staying in an AirBNB
  • Buying something on Etsy
  • Riding an Uber
  • Buying a Tesla or a Hybrid
  • Buying from Amazon

Digital card decks are new. There is no denying, but the trend and the data points are valid. the time we spend on mobile is undeniable

You may not, but your customers do.

When you have a spare moment are you at home with your decks? Or are you out and about with your mobile phone in pocket?

What if your decks were in your customers pockets.

Here's a quick summary of why digital decks can change your marketing focus. They are an enabler.

Monetize The Mobile Moment

  • INSTANT download.
  • NEVER out of stock.
  • Deckible helps  you monetize short attentions.

4+ Hours/ Day on our Phone

  • Statistics show we spend 4+ hours/day on our phones consuming books, videos, music, news, etc
  • Deckible helps you & your decks compete for mobile attention.


  • Card decks & wellness are both on trend.
  • Thrive inside the mobile consumer’s day.
  • Deckible’s is a rich tactile experience on iPhone/ Android.Phone or tablet.


What is an Early Adopter

An early adopter is a term used to describe an individual or group who is among the first to try out and adopt a new product, service, or technology. Early adopters are typically enthusiastic about innovation and are willing to take on the risks associated with trying out something new.

Early adopters are curios to see the value in new approaches. They are willing to try.

Early adopters are different from the majority of consumers in that they are more likely to be open to change, have a higher tolerance for risk, and have a greater willingness to pay a premium for the latest and greatest products. They are also more likely to provide feedback to the developers or manufacturers, which can help improve the product or service over time.

Early adopters can play a critical role in the success of a new product or technology. By embracing it early on, they can create buzz and generate interest among others, leading to wider adoption and ultimately, mainstream acceptance. However, being an early adopter also comes with some downsides, such as the risk of investing in something that may not succeed or the possibility of encountering bugs or other issues with the product or service.

You may not be an early adopter, but bare in mind some of your customers will be.

Don't let your tolerance for risk get in the way of your customer's curiosity.