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U8: Pricing, Teams, Spreads, Offline Usage & Checklists, Apple/Google Submission

U8: Pricing, Teams, Spreads, Offline Usage & Checklists, Apple/Google Submission


Launch is  close.


We have enabled pricing. When you set a price you pick a starting date and a price tier. Price tiers are in $USD. Apple and Google take care of the translation into local currency.  Apple sets their price tiers and we are simply mirroring those price-points in Google.

So you need to add the price for each of your decks.

Each price point will either on on a date or continue until a new date and price point are specified. Decks will be sold at the current price on any given day.

We have disabled purchasing on deckible.com for decks without a price. Please set your price. The same limit will apply in the app in the next update.

It takes one minute to set your price, so please help us complete the prices points for all the decks ASAP.


The only thing we can be certain about price points and value perception is that it will change with time.

I think it's fair to say people will arrive at Deckible and be sceptical. This the norm. Something new and unknown.

It is my belief that as people use Deckible they will see the value unique to Deckible - i.e. the value beyond the digitization of a deck. I believe people will place value on the timeline, the goto destination, the journaling /meditation experience and the social sharing of cards.

What I can't say is how quick that will happen and as a consequence we need to be mindful of offering value that ensures more people join and more people buy more decks.

I mention this to ask you keep an open mind and a fluidity to pricing.


We added the ability add team members to any given deck, so now other people can edit your deck without needing to share your login.

Two things must happen.

  1. The team member must have a deckible account.
  2. They must also edit their Creator Profile and set "Can people invite me to their team?" to Yes.

From your deck you can view the teams information. And add a team member

Now these people can edit your deck.

We will working on letting your assign label to their roles - eg Artist, Copy-writer, Co-creator etc


You may not be aware that Deckible works offline, and that when you download a deck you are downloading it so you can use the deck later when you don't have internet access.

When you journal etc these changes are stored up until you can connect to the web and then Deckible will synchronise to your master record and your timeline.

This is a big deal. It's also technically challenging.

You can test this by turning on Airplane mode.

Then try downloading a deck. You can't, but also try doing a reading or a quick draw from a deck you have downloaded.

You can create new readings and journal and open and review old ones.

This is a very sophisticated piece of software engineering. No small feat.


You can also use Deckible on multiple devices. Say your phone and your tablet. And you can just pull down on the timeline. And this will sync to the latest events across different devices. It will also sync purchases


Spreads can now be created for your decks. You can create custom spreads. Please be sure to complete and spreads that you use.

This means setting up the label, the questions and the description for the cards in the spreads.

You can default to offering the default spreads.

We have not yet implemented the tag feature that limits the cards you can choose for specific cards in a spread. This is work in progress.

There is a special


Checklists have been extended to include alerts for missing prices etc

There' is a lot of information that is checked. It's a very effective way to manage the quality is so many decks.


This is a temporary message displayed on any deck without a price.

Please add your deck's prices and this will go away.


We spent some time returning to the original designs and checking for design consistency. We picked up a few things that had got lost in translation.

We also focussed was was making the decks bigger and showing two lines of text from the deck name and also in reducing the font size. We will likely do more her to fine tune the design. There is a lot on the screen and balancing the use of space is super important.

We also opted to turn off Quick Draw by default. It's still there, but you simply need to turn if on from the Options Panel.

We also got to complete all these buttons in free form card sort or  and spread / reading model. Focus and flip were missing the words before.

This feels very complete


We have one more big surprise to come and this is something we've all been super excited to implement, but until now it just felt like too much - a step too far.

Given we have made such great progress we are starting on this new and final piece.

I'm not saying what it is other than to say we are working on something cool for the coaching community.

You will just have to wait and see.


We have now begun this process. We are just crossing the T's and dotting the I's

So if you haven't got your deck loaded I'd get the heck on with it.

We are counting down the days to launch.

Don't miss out.


I predicted we'd launch with 250 decks.  

I have a bunch of decks to approve and this will tip us past 25o

I'm confident we will be closer to 300.

And this makes the possibility of reaching 500 decks during the 42 day countdown an almost certain outcome. That's around 5 decks a deck.

The thing to realize here is that during this period people will be able to see the 250 decks and buy and install and explore. So when people can do that they will cultivate a serious bout of FOMO. FOMO is rocket fuel.

And 500 decks is epic. As that will means we likely have 400-450 unique creators with published work. That's a lot of community. A lot of sharing

I have several big announcements to make soon too and so many new things in the works. New people, new decks, new features, new collaborations.

This is a major milestone and massive feat of human collaboration and trust.

I cannot express enough gratitude for all of you. For all your support and your questions and your feedback and your commitment.

I want to thank you all for patiently taking your seat on the rocketship while we built it around you.

Your decks shaped it. Your questions. Your resistance. Your excitement.

This is the most exciting project I've worked on and I've worked on a lot of cool projects. Deckible is real and with this many moving parts. And so many human emotions and so much invested energy.

So much to say. So much more. This is just the beginning.

Thankyou one and all

Fasten your seatbelts