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U16: Problem solved. Apple Approved. Build 133 is released (Revised)

U16: Problem solved. Apple Approved.  Build 133 is released (Revised)
Photo by Eddie Kopp / Unsplash

We found a glitch in the purchasing process on IOS. A little skip and a jump.

We hit an exception with the store when the app tried to start the purchase.

This was made worse by the app already caching the purchase (so it can recover when the app restarts after a failed purchase).  

These two things lead to the persistent "Purchase In Progress".

We fixed the issue with the store and changed when the cache gets set . So now it only caches once the purchase has started with  store.

That's possibly TMI. Basically: problem solved.

New version submitted. Apple approved.

All that happened in a couple of hours.

Build 133 is propagating around the globe. Arriving soon.

It's now in the Apple App Store as 1.0.2


The most requested question I get is I can't find my decks in the marketplace

The answer is currently the marketplace only shows things you don't own. So not your decks. And you all want to find your deck inthe marketplace. Makes sense.

The solution: Let it show "In my Collection" for Decks you already own or created.

This will be in the next iteration


I've know I needed to do this, but it's been a fully time focus to support creators

The about page needs an overhaul.

And 100 tiny details, like being able to create an account via the app (long reasons
why we didn't do this earlier - now all no longer valid) .


I didn't feature a deck yesterday because it didn't feel fair. Not a full day. And today I woke just feeling rushed.

So I'm pausing the countdown for a day or two or three  ...

I have some thoughts and ideas percolating, but I will commit to confirming a revised start date on Monday.

I'm sure you will appreciate how hard I've worked and many of you check in on my well being.

So I'm taking some time to chill. And chill while supporting new/existing users.

Thank-you for your support

Much gratitude