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All Hands Update

We cover a lot. You get to meet Mark for the first time. Mark Hudson and I have know each other for 20+ years. We layout the next steps of our vision for Deckible: Trials, Challenges & Membership Decks.
All Hands Update
The Seven Segments of Card Deck

Here's the two sessions we held on Thursday 5th October.

I think I'd recommend listening to the USA version as this was run second and there's 3 more slides and we were just a little more into the flow of things.

I also remembered to showcase the FEEL WHEEL deck that is in development at the moment. I'm super excited about that.

You are welcome to listen to both episodes.

We cover a lot. You get to meet Mark for the first time. Mark Hudson and I have know each other for 20+ years. We work well together and compliment each other's skills. We met at Business Objects (BOBJ) having each sold our software companies to BOBJ, so we naturally bonded to the the rebels inside the asylum. Actually Business Objects (now SAP) was the most phenomenal brain trust. We both learned so much and got to work with so many super-smart people. It was a transformative experience.

We also share insight into the next version of the Deckible Website, which is our 3rd iteration of messaging and branding.

We layout the next steps of our vision for Deckible

  • Trials
  • Challenges
  • Membership Decks.

We build out our Point Of View

And we introduce this visual - The Seven Segment of Card Decks

This is very likely not the final version. We have talked about many subtle variations to this. We will no doubt finalize  a version in the next week.

It's is very likely we will implement a two tier hierarchy in Deckible's Deck Store to match to this as the current structure of 18 genres (plus another 20 non-public genres) is not working. We have too many decks to fit into this structure and the top tier as per this diagram does a much better job of communicating the unification of card decks that Deckible is enabling.

It's simply a much more effective way to showcase the range, breadth and depth of card decks in the deck market as a whole and on Deckible in particular.





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If you are new to Deckible, I'd recommend watching these videos.

Our update did not really do much of a deep dive into the current product.

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We have some more Deckible updates coming soon.

Here's an old recording we did with Marcy Nelson-Garrison

Here's an old recording with Ayesha Hilton

And also with Anna Frolik.

Digital Shaman

Don't miss this.  These are two recent review videos done by Digital Shaman

I do want to note the "black screen" moments you see in the video was a result of us blocking screenshotting to protect creator IP. We have since made this optional by creator.

This definitely causes some confusion when the screen goes black.

Hence why it is now optional.