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Let the Data Speak: Steven Bartlett, Flight Studio & Penguin Random House Explore A.I. / Data Driven Publishing

Book Summaries, The Rise of Decks as a Medium. Why don't we complete books & courses? What is the ultimate short form media?
Let the Data Speak:  Steven Bartlett, Flight Studio & Penguin Random House Explore A.I. / Data Driven Publishing

Video Summary.

I expand on this thinking below:

For the past 18 months, we've championed progressive thinking in digital card deck publishing. We've digitised many card decks. We've talked to 1000's of card deck creators and consumers.

What's key is we didn't just digitize a deck. We asked what would a deck want to be if it was digital. The result of this research and journey is fascinating.

In the process of digitizing 800 decks, we have learned so much about why people engage and how people spend their time and attention. We asked a lot of questions and bave studied the card deck trend and industry from every angle.

We learned a lot around the science of learning and the ways to form healthy habits.

Standing on the Shoulders of Creative Giants

We've also noticed and analyzed many trends. It's powerful to be an industry outsider. You see things. You form opinions and make connections that are not the norm and that is incredibly valuable.

We noticed many celebs/ brands have been publishing successful card decks

  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Stehen Bartlett
  • Esther Perel
  • Mark Groves - Create the Love
  • Aubrey Marcus
  • People I've loved

All these people have 1 million followers, so no small validation of the works.

Something Magical About the Medium of Cards

Stephen Bartlett's vision resonates deeply with our thinking and research:

  • 85% don't finish books they start.
  • A staggering 94% drop digital courses!

Enter Deckible: redefining card decks for the digital age.

Our journey highlights the power of digital cards:

  • Ultimate short-form media (includes all media format text, images, audio & video to cater to all learning styles
  • Engaging and interactive (people love to do things with cards). They go beyond passive consumption. Choose, rank, sequence, shuffle, group etc.
  • Transforming ideas into action (through daily practice and habit building).

Book Summary Services are Booming

There are many players in this space. It's interesting that most are simply review sites and pay not royalties to the creators/authors/publishers. They don't quote from the books. They don't use images, or book art.

It's a domain that is attracting much venture funding.

  • Blinkist,
  • Headway
  • GetAbstract

Did the publishing industry miss an opportunity here? We are curious?

Do they secretly admire and value these services? We think so!

Are they cannibalizing sales or growing sales? We think both are true.

Book summaries are really a new medium, so they won't replace a prior medium. All the usual Mcluhan Media laws apply.

Blinkist recently got acquired by Go1. This is very interesting. Headway also recently had a large funding round.

AI has dramatically transformed the way these book summary companies can create new book summaries. Their pace of growth will accelerate.

So many questions about book summary services and the book publishing industry. I will dive into this in more detail in a future post.

The Book Industry is Growing

While books grow, digital consumption rises:

  • More audiobooks.
  • Increased eBook sales.

The modern consumer craves snappy, engaging content.

Stephen emphasizes:

  • Books foster wellness and happiness.
  • Supporting all formats: audio, video, text, visuals (we all learn differently VAK)
  • It's about connections, not just content.

Book Publishing Industry Innovation

Change is brewing in the book industry. Partnering with Penguin Random House will inspire others to innovate.

The big 5 publishers and broken down into thousands of imprints.

  • Penguin/Random House.
  • Hachette Book Group.
  • Harper Collins.
  • Simon and Schuster.
  • Macmillan.

It's a fun space to explore and to connect.

Join us and our Deckible community in exploring new frontiers in creativity and learning!

Dive in and book a time so we can share our vision for what's the future of digital card decks.

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