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Deckible App Update Version: 1.0.4

Deckible App Update  Version: 1.0.4
Photo by Alexander Lyashkov / Unsplash

Lots of details in this update. Lots of great fixes and polish.

Zooming & Shuffling

  • Cards can now be zoomed on the Card Info screen
  • Cards can now be zoomed to larger scale from the Deck Info page
  • Shuffling now resizes  intelligently on Tablets and Phones. Also for varied aspect ratios.

Lots of you have asked for zooming. It's intuitive to zoom in on image.

This is especially valuable on small phones with old eyes.

Downloading Decks

  • Decks can now be removed from downloads
  • Fixed download button when opening Decks from Timeline

Prior to this if you'd updated your decks you needed to delete the app and the data and re-download it. And this was painful if you had many decks.

This is our first step to fully automate the process. You can now manually remove a single deck from your phone. This means you can re-download the deck, and this will reload any updates you've made.

When we are happy with this process, we will enable versioning of your deck so can update your version numbers and customers can then auto-download the latest version. A bit like Windows updates, we need to be careful not to be doing this too often.

This is a complex topic and we need to tackle this step by step.

I know this will save me a lot of time. I think you will like it.

Freeform Selection

  • Improved freeform card selection
  • Improved look of shuffle and card info on tablets

Freeform selection was the big change we made before  the commercial  release, so I'm not surprised was had some issues. It was a big update.  

There as a bug that removed a card from your reading when you moved a card in very specific circumstances.

i.e. If the keyboard was open when you began the selection process, it would mis-calculate the location of the delete button and hence delete cards when cards got close to the invalid location. It was very evident this happened, but still not good.

This one turned out to not be an easy one to identify the cause, but it's now fixed.

Have you tried adding cards from more than one deck to a reading?  Amazing feature. And very easy to do. this was the big thing that the new freeform feature enabled.

It's great for values sorts and other type of card-sort operations

Mixed Aspect Ratios

  • Improved look of cards that have different sizes for different faces
  • Improved look of card on tarot readings

Now it correctly handles if you have cards with different aspect ratios and also if you have a different aspect ratio from one face to another.

This applies to freeform card sort and custom spreads.

Super flexible and intuitive. It makes you want to make mix n match decks.

Missing Cards / Fault Tolerant.

  • Improved management of missing cards

If you were creating a deck and updating it or if you failed to load all this images, this could cause the app to crash. This is now fixed.

You definitely should check your checklist and fix these errors, but now the app will no longer crash if there are omissions.

The checklist will always tell you what's missing and what needs to be corrected/added/removed etc. It'a also a great way to learn the app.

This is just part of the process of making Deckible more robust.

This just makes it more reliable the deck users.