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Boost Etsy Card Deck Print Sales With Digital Card Deck Marketplace Listings on Deckible

Sell More Decks, Grow Visibility/ Discoverability, Build Backlinks, SEO, Social Proof, Credibility & Community, Marketing Opps, Etsy Integration.
Boost Etsy Card Deck Print Sales With Digital Card Deck Marketplace Listings on Deckible

Etsy is a great platform for creative to sell their creations, but there is much more to running your Etsy store and maximum effectiveness.

Deckible add a lot of value to any creator that sells card decks or greeting cards via Etsy.

Digital consumer is a new customer and a new revenue stream. Ignoring that for a minute....

Here are some reasons why adding your deck to Deckible can help you list your printed deck on Etsy:
1. Sell More Decks Sales:

Deckible lets your customer trial your deck for free for three days. That's like having your deck with the cellophane off in every book store, so people can touch and play with your deck before buying. If you believe in your deck, you know that will help you sell more decks.

  • Deckible link to you Etsy page to buy the printed deck, or you can sell them a digital copy of your deck for use in Deckible.
  • This provides an additional sales channel for your deck, even if buyers don't end up purchasing through Etsy.
2. Increased Visibility:
  • Deckible is a dedicated platform all sort of decks, such as tarot and oracle decks, attracting a niche audience of potential buyers who are actively searching for new decks.
  • By listing your deck on Deckible, you're expanding your reach beyond Etsy's general marketplace and putting your deck in front of people who are specifically interested in this type of product.
  • This increases the chances of your deck being discovered by those who are more likely to purchase it.
3. Enhanced Discoverability:
  • Deckible offers various features to help users find decks that match their interests, including:
    • Filtering by categories, themes, and keywords
    • Search functionality
    • Personalized recommendations based on user preferences
  • This makes it easier for potential buyers to find your deck, even if they don't know its exact name or creator.
4. Build Backlinks and SEO:
  • Adding your deck to Deckible creates a backlink to your Etsy listing.
  • Backlinks from reputable websites can improve your Etsy listing's ranking in search engine results (SEO).
  • This means your deck is more likely to appear higher in search results when people are looking for tarot or oracle decks on Google or other search engines.
  • Deckible is on page 1 of google for terms like "Digital Card Deck" or "Digital Card Deck App" and many more niche terms. Deckible is growing its google ranking with each new creator and new deck
  • As of the writing of this post, Deckible has 600+ deck, 1000+ creators and many more decks in process.
5. Social Proof and Credibility:
  • Deckible allows users to leave reviews and ratings for decks.
  • Positive reviews can build social proof and credibility for your deck, making it more appealing to potential buyers on Etsy.
  • Good reviews can instill confidence in potential buyers and make them more likely to purchase your deck.
6. Community Engagement:
  • Deckible fosters a community of tarot and oracle enthusiasts.
  • Actively participating in discussions, sharing your deck's journey, and interacting with other users can create buzz and interest around your deck.
  • This word-of-mouth marketing can drive traffic to your Etsy listing and generate sales.
7. Additional Marketing Opportunities:
  • Deckible offers features like newsletters, social media promotion, or featured listings to help you further market your deck.
  • These opportunities can amplify your deck's visibility and reach, leading to more potential buyers on Etsy.
8. Integration with Etsy:
  • Deckible offer deep integration with Etsy your listings, such as:
    • Displaying Deckible reviews on your Etsy listing
    • Selling your digital deck via Etsy.
  • These integrations can help streamline the buying process and increase conversions.

There's many reasons why to use Deckible that are not listed here.

This post focussed on:
  • Sell More Decks,
  • Grow Visibility/ Discoverability
  • Build Backlinks, SEO, Social Proof,
  • Grow Credibility & Community,
  • Uncover Marketing Opps & Deeper Etsy Integration.